Basic characteristics

Universal 19" respectively 21" system of data cabinets from the company AUTHENTIC. Basic element is light but strong frame, that can be adjusted to meet the all requirements of today's electronic, electrical and data installations. Although AUTHRACK offers variability needed for each specific application, it can be adapted according to the financial possibilities.

By default, these cabinets come with a removable rear wall, sides and removable glass door (smoke glass) and with a FIRAK lock.

Optionally available:

  • full metal solid doors
  • full metal solid doors with ventilation holes
  • doors with expanded metal
  • doors with high penetrability for ventilation (aprox 80% free space)
  • doors vertically devided glass, solid metal and solid metal with ventilation

Cabinet door can be provided without the rear and side walls or with only one side, which is advantage when more cabinets are installed side be side.
In such case the frames can bo joined together in one unit.


Authrack- Schema

Standard size:
Height: 22U, 24U, 28U, 30U, 36U, 38U, 42U, 45U, 47U installation heighty.
On request can be providd up to 54U.

Width: 600,700,750,800 mm
Depth: 600,800,900,1000,1100 mm

On request the cabinets can be provided in any size up to 54U.

  • cabinet -powder paint RAL 7032,7035,9007
  • vertical bals -white Zn eventually powder paint RAL

On request we can provide any RAL color.
This type of cabinet can be provided also as boxed cabinets
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Authrack overview
42U 750 1200
42U600 1000 boxed
54U 750 1000
Cabinet with base
Perforated doors
Split doors
36U 70 80


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