Basic characteristics

Normally, the rack comes with 1 piece of front door, 2 side doors and one all-sheet rear wall. The back wall can be replaced by second door. For installation of multiple racks side by side cabinet can be supplied without side covers or for installation in restricted spaces as a frame only, ie without the doors and rear wall. Switchboard is equipped with a height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors (at the request of the be fitted with swivel castors or can be equiped with a base with a height of 100 120 or 200 mm. The cabinet frame is welded from sheet metal with thickness. 1.5 mm.
Four vertical mounting rails have been designed in the way that after release of three screws the rails are infinitely adjustable across whole depth of the rack, which provides the possibility of installation of all common components of current data networks

Front door glass as standard, or. can be all-sheet, are equipped with EMKA lock with a single point attachment. Door opening from left to right and vice versa can be changed very easily. All-sheet rear wall can be replaced by another door.

At the top of the cabinet has ventilation slots, that ensures flow of the heat emitted by the active elements inside the cabinet. Cabinet can be equiped by fan unit. Each of the racks are protected by a protective grounding connection.

Standard colors:
  • Welded frame - RAL 7032
  • Other parts - RAL 7032

Other colors can be provided to meet customer needs.
Arces overview

Front view
Rear view - cabinet with two doors
Arces without side wall and with front and back doors(side view)


Detail of mounting rail
Detail of mounting thermometer

Photo Gallery

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