SOHO Racks

10" SOHO racks

These racks are becuase minimal size suitable for usage in small offices and possible at home. Are intended for installation of 10" patch panels, 10" optical panels and SOHO active parts.

Overview of 10" rozvaděč SOHO

19" SOHO racks A – on wall installation
19" SOHO cabinets (wall mounted) are an alternative to traditional wall-mounted 19" cabinets.
Compared with them they offer space saving and lower costs that will be appreciated by both developers and end users.
Low-profile performance determines the cabinet to be installed wherever it is required most effective use of often very confined space (ie, small offices and home). Despite the low profile 19" SOHO cabinet offers installation position of the overall size of 6U.
Cable management panels and other components for cable organization allows even in a limited internal rack space transparent cable organization of all types of cabling (copper, optical). Doors are locked and fitted with perforated holes to ensure ventilation.

Cabinets SOHO Series "A" have perforation in the bottom, both sides, upper side and back openings. The back wall is also perforated for installation of power supply. At the top part are installed a 19 "bar (4U vertically, horizontally 2U). In the rear wall are holes for wall mounting, and also bindings for cables.

External dimensions SOHO cabinet series A
Width 530 mm height 550 mm Depth 205 mm respectivelly 150 mm for small size of cabinet

Powder paint RAL 7035 or white according to the customer needs.

Photo Gallery:
Rack overview
View into the cabinet
Back of the SOHO "A" cabinet

19" SOHO racks B – into wall installation
These cabinets are an alternative to traditional wall-mounted cabinets wherever customer requires design while saving space. Ie. Always, when the installation is done in places where the most efficient use of often very cramped space and low price is required. Though these cabinets are particularly beneficial for developers, but also for end users.
Thanks to the incorporation into the wall do not take up any living space.
Compared with traditional wall rack much better fit for residential interiors.
Despite low profile these cabinets provide enough space for patch panels, optical racks and all active components in the standard size of 19".

Cabinet is made of galvanized sheet metal. In both side walls are perforated holed for easy access of cables. In the bottom is opening for power supply cables.

Doors are equipped with a lock and are easily mounted as a right or left.
Cover and door is painted using powder paint RAL 7035 or any other RAL color shade.

Installation dimensions:
Width 530 mm
Height550 mm
Depth 125 mm
The dimensions of the door frame 585 x 605 mm

Photo Gallery:
Bottom to the rack
SOHO - rail detail
SOHO - detail
SOHO - side of the rack


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